About Us

God’s Covenant Christian Assembly is a church that is committed to following the teachings of Jesus Christ and living out His commands in all aspects of life. The foundation of this church is the belief that God has made a covenant with His people, in which He has promised to be with them and to bless them as they follow Him. This covenant is not just a one-time agreement, but rather it is an ongoing relationship in which God continually reveals Himself to His people and calls them to a deeper understanding of His love and grace.

God’s Covenant Christian Assembly was founded by Bishop Fred Arutere ESQ who currently serves as the senior pastor of the church. Bishop Arutere is a man of deep faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, and he has a passion for sharing the Gospel with others.

Under the leadership of Bishop Arutere, God’s Covenant Christian Assembly has become a thriving community of believers who are committed to following Jesus and living out His commands in all aspects of life. Through his biblical teaching and preaching, Bishop Arutere helps believers to grow in their faith and to become more like Christ.

In addition to his role as senior pastor, Bishop Arutere is also actively involved in the Warri community. He is known for his compassion and his desire to serve those in need, and he is often found volunteering his time and resources to help those who are less fortunate.

Overall, Bishop Fred Arutere ESQ is a man of God who is deeply committed to leading God’s Covenant Christian Assembly in a way that is faithful to the teachings of Jesus and that brings hope and healing to the community.

Bishop Fred Arutere ESQ of God’s Covenant Christian Assembly is also blessed to have his wife Pastor Mrs. Vivian Arutere as a leader and spiritual guide. Pastor Vivian is a gifted teacher and preacher, and she is deeply committed to helping believers grow in their faith and walk with Jesus.

As the wife of the senior pastor, Pastor Vivian plays a vital role in the life of the church. She is involved in many aspects of church life, including worship, fellowship, and outreach, and she works alongside her husband to provide spiritual guidance and support to the church community.

Pastor Vivian is also deeply committed to serving the needs of others, both within the church and in the broader Warri community. She is known for her kindness and her desire to help those in need, and she is often found volunteering her time and resources to support various causes and organizations. She is a woman of faith and compassion, and her presence is greatly appreciated at the church.

As a church, God’s Covenant Christian Assembly seeks to embody this covenant in its worship, fellowship, and service to others. In worship, the church seeks to offer praises and thanks to God for His faithfulness and to learn more about His Word through biblical teaching and preaching.

Fellowship is also an important aspect of the church, as believers come together to encourage one another, pray for each other, and support each other in living out their faith.


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